About Me


Trained locally at the Brian Utting School of massage in 1997 -'98, I am a more classical Massage therapist. I manifest health and wholeness using strong Swedish deep tissue work mixed with specific spot work and sports massage stretches. I work on the firmer side. I liken the muscles to sponges that get dirty and need to be squeezed out. I work with you to get your tissues cleaned up, and the cobwebs knocked off, so to speak. (Yes, it can be that simple) I like to reveal things that you may not have known about your body and educate on how to care for yourself. I assume your robust good health and look to you for your input during the session if you feel otherwise. My work can be profoundly moving on all levels.

I also provide injury treatment massage for PIP and L & I clients and am a provider for Premera, and Lifewise, offering direct billing services.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Make an Appointment Friday, Saturday, Monday at Sundance Massage

Make an Appointment Wednesday & Thursday at Lakeview Yoga and Wellness Center

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"Dennis LaMaster, who is amazingly creative and knowledgeable about how to fix what ails you, from a musculoskeletal point of view.  He took me a few weeks ago from back muscle spasms that were making me flinch and cry out several times per day to total healing, in one session.  Wunderbar! "  - LB